Friday, May 23, 2008

So Many Quilt Blocks, So Little Time

There really are no limits on the types and style of quilt blocks to choose from and the variation of ways to put them together. I have posted some examples that might give you some ideas to start with and create your own quilt.

The example to the left is a quilt using all flower motif quilt blocks. Notice the wide array and types of flowers represented. You could just pick one particular block and make a whole quilt with that theme. My personal favorite is the iris block in the lower right hand corner. I can think of some really pretty variations using different colors of iris that would make a really beautiful quilt.

The motifs in this quilt are considered country. Notice the hearts, cat and pinwheels. These blocks also could be used in any combination and would make some really outstanding quilts.

This is an American Quilt, not only because of the striking red, blue and white blocks, but the many variations of stars and stripes. Again, just using one block or repeating two or three blocks would make this a great quilt to celebrate our country!

Mini quilts are a great way to try out some patterns, or just be creative and make a nice wall hanging, a baby quilt, or a nice lap quilt. These are made using variations of the blocks in the previous quilts.

The pictures and templates for these quilts are from a Better Homes and Gardens book entitled "101 Full Size Quilt Blocks and Borders."

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