Monday, May 19, 2008

Great Fabric Selections

I have found a new "favorite" place to shop for fabrics. Ebay has a huge selection of any kind of fabric you might be looking for. There are many shops and individuals who carry a large selection of designer, quilting, knits, flannels and many more types of fabrics. I often look for themes, such as holidays or animals and I have always found what I am looking for. You can purchase the fabric as quilt squares, fat quarters or by the yard.

That's not to say that I don't still enjoy going to fabric stores and wandering up and down the aisles of fabric. I enjoy the smell of the fabric and being able to feel the weights and textures of different fabrics.

Well, between the great selections at Ebay and the sensual delights of fabric stores, I seem to have acquired a huge stash of fabric. I remember wondering why my mother had so many boxes of fabric and why she carefully kept every little piece and seemed to always enjoy going through them looking for just the right selections for her current quilt project or finding pieces for me to sew up doll clothes or some project that I wanted to work on.

Yesterday, my granddaughter spent the day with me and she always wants to do some sort of craft project while she's here. We soon found ourselves going through my drawers, boxes and totes of fabric looking for just the right colors for her pillow project. I think I realized then, that I have become my mother!! The love of fabric must be in the blood, because I could see that Haley was enjoying going through all that fabric just like I used to and then she said, "Boy Grandma, you have a lot of fabric!"

At least now I know that it won't all go to waste! And when I visit my mother, who is 92 and still quilting, I still enjoy looking through her fabric stash!

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