Monday, May 12, 2008

No Sew Quilting

I have set up a slide show of some of the quilted ornaments that I make. These ornaments require no sewing and are really fun to make. I started just making Christmas Ornaments, but with so many fabrics to choose from, it's hard to stay with just one holiday! These ornaments are made using a 3" styrofoam ball and lots and lots of straight pins.

Cut your fabric into approximately 2 1/2" squares. It depends on how many layers and colors you're going to use, but for one side you need 5 squares for the center and then 8 squares for each layer going out. Double that number since you have to work both sides of the ball.

You start by pinning one piece of fabric flat on the ball. For the first round, you pick up each piece of fabric and insert the pin into the middle going from the back of the fabric to the right side. Fold the fabric piece in half (wrong side together) so that the pin is sticking out half way along the fold. place the pin into the center of the flat piece of fabric already attached to the ball and then keeping the fabric folded bring each side down on either side of the pin to form a point where the pin is. Put four pins along the bottom to hold the piece in place. Put the pin of the next piece right next to the first and fold it down at a 90 degree angle. After you've placed two more pieces you have your center row finished.

For the next round you'll need 8 pieces. Determine how far back from the center point you want that round and place the first four pins in between where the center row pieces are laying. Then place the next four in the spaces between so that they are staggered and those four pieces overlap the first four pieces of the second round.

You can make 2 more rounds with contrasting fabric to finish the first side. Follow the same procedure for the opposite side of the ball, making sure you get your center rounds as close to exact opposite as you can.

Where your two sides meet around the middle, you'll want to trim any excess off and then using hot glue put a straight piece of fabric (edges folded under) all the way around the ball to cover the raw edges.

Top with ribbon bow and hanger and you've made a quilted ball without sewing a stitch!

These ornaments are especially popular for Christmas Ornaments, but can be used as decoration or bowl fillers for just about any holiday or season.

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