Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recycled Broken China Angels

I live in the country and I love to take long walks. I found an old, old dumpsite nearby and I love to find ways to recycle some of the things I find there. There are so many pretty pieces of broken china, it seems such a shame to just leave them there. So....I came up with the angels. I sand off all the edges using a grinder and drill a hole. Then cut wings out of old metal (recycled, too, of course) and wire it all together with craft wire. It's a fun and rewarding project and they make great little gifts, too!

1 comment:

teri said...

very cute!
I had a friend give me some broken cups (she knocked them off while cleaning - silly girl), i thought of adding beads and wire. Your angels give me hope that i will be able to come up with something to up cycle these pretty broken pieces