Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friendship Quilt To Remember

A friend of our family whom my mother had taught to quilt several years ago asked Mom if she would participate in a friendship quilt that she is making. She also invited me to put my name on it. She is making the quilt and provided a block for each of us to sign and embroider our name on. It got my mom to thinking about friendship quilts and she pulled out a quilt that her mother had made. My mother is 92 and she thinks this quilt was made when she was in grade school which would make it probably in the 1920's.

I had never seen this quilt before (it always amazes me when she pulls these things out that she's had hidden away for many years!) Anyway, she doesn't really remember the quilt being made, but her mother's, grandmother's, sister's and Mom's own name are all on the quilt and also many other women never heard of by me. She proceeded to point at each name and tell me exactly where that woman lived from their farm and a little bit about each lady.

I wonder as I practice my embroidery stitches (I'm a little rusty) for the current quilt if this women's kids or grandkids will look at it some day and remember some of the people who's signatures are forever saved on her quilt. I think it is a really neat idea and maybe someday (when the quilting genes that I surely possess kick in) I will make something like this for my kids and grandkids.

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